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Best Adventure Activities to do in Fiji

Courtesy-Nerve Rush

If Fiji’s pristine beaches bore you then fear not. Fiji is known to be a playground for many thrill-seekers. From diving to hiking to an amazing mountain, there are many activities to keep you excited during your vacation. Instead of relaxing and feeling lazy around the resorts, try out these amazing activities with your friends and families.

  • Fly-board – This is a new sport that allows you to fly above the sea or dive on a hoverboard. Fiji’s coral coast is one of the very few locations that allow you to experience this activity. Beginners need not have to worry as basics are taught on hovering and diving before you start this activity.
  • Jet Ski –This activity will let you feel the real meaning of ‘Need for Speed’. Mamanuca Island is the best to witness this activity in Fiji. Do note that the faster you go, the smoother the ride. While slower you go, difficult it will be to balance.
  • Zip-Line – This sport or activity is loved by many. Fiji’s VitiLevu Island attracts many locals and tourists to try out this activity. The ride is so smooth that it allows you to witness some of the best mountain landscapes, tropical forests, caves and canyons up to 5kms.
  • Scuba Diving –Fiji is home to witness some of the best coral reefs while scuba diving. However, one can scuba dive with marine species such as the bull shark, white-tip shark and more. For an extreme experience, head over to Beqa Lagoon situated in Pacific Harbour. It allows you to get real close to bull sharks without a cage.

All these activities are not that far away from Fijis private island resorts.