The Best Air Conditioning Installation Options Small Rooms

There are various types of air conditioning systems, including window units, split systems, packaged systems, and central air conditioning systems. The system you choose will impact on a number of things, including the levels of comfort in your home, the costs of maintenance, operational costs, and convenience. Of course, there are other important factors to consider when choosing an air conditioning system, some of which may include energy efficiency, size, cooling capacity, equipment cost, and cost of air conditioning installation, just to name a few. However, some AC systems are more suitable for smaller rooms in the home, whereas other a more suitable for heating larger, or many rooms at once. Below are some insights you might find helpful on the best air conditioning installation options for small rooms.

Mini Split Or Ductless Cooling Systems

Mini split systems are known to be a great option when it comes to air conditioning for small individual rooms. As you can tell from the name mini split, the AC unit is comprised of two main boxes with various AC components, one placed inside the house and the other outside. The outside unit comprises of the condenser, whereas the inside unit has the evaporator coil and the blower fan. A compact piping system links the two units together, through which the refrigerant cycles as hot air is sucked from the indoor spaces, cooled, and cool air is reintroduced. Multiple split AC systems are also available if you need to cool more than one small room. Reverse cycle units are also available, which can make your air conditioning unit work as a heating system during winter, meaning that it can save you the costs of installing a separate heating system.

Benefits of Split AC Systems in Small Rooms

• No ductwork is required to run through the roof space
• Air conditioning installation can be quick and relatively inexpensive
• They provide quiet operation
• High-efficiency models are available
• Suitable for multi-storey buildings
• They come with special features such as remote control operation

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

In the ducted air conditioning systems, the AC unit is mostly located in places such as the roof space. In these units, cooled air is normally delivered into the living space via a system of duct outlets that are mostly installed in the ceiling. The good thing about ducted air conditioning is that modifications can be made to allow for cooling multiple rooms depending on whether you choose a central air conditioning system or a packaged air conditioning system.

Benefits of Ducted AC Systems

Even though the initial air conditioning installation costs for ducted ACs may be a bit higher in comparison to ductless units, ducted AC systems are safer, energy efficient and less costly in the long term. It can be the best option if you need to cool multiple rooms as you don’t have to install a separate room for every individual room. You can also go for a zoned, ducted AC system, which allows you to control cooling for each room individually, thereby increasing convenience and energy efficiency. They are also easy to control and are great when it comes to even air distribution in your home. Some ducted AC units also come with the reverse-cycle convenience, which allows you to heat up or cool your home when you need to. Additionally, ducted AC systems increase the resale value of property.

Central air conditioning is still by far the most popular type of home cooling system. When looking for air conditioning installation, be sure to work with a reputable, trusted, licensed, and certified HVAC contractor. Working with an expert air conditioning installation service is a sure way of ensuring maximum comfort and safety for your home, lower AC repair and maintenance costs, lower energy bills, fewer inconveniences, and a prolonged lifetime for your AC system.