Best Options When It Comes To Central Air Conditioning Installation

When you have a home or commercial building under construction, one of the main things to think about in advance is the heating and cooling, or air conditioning system. When you have a major home remodeling or remodeling project, one of your goals may also include a new air conditioning installation. But what are some of the important things to think about when it comes to installing a new air conditioner? You would want to consider your home’s size and choose an AC unit of the appropriate size that will sufficiently and effectively distribute cool air throughout your home without succumbing to performance issues and failures in extreme conditions. You will also want to choose one from the various available types of air conditioners based on their specific features and construction. Other considerations would include whether venting, new refrigerant lines, or ductwork will be required; permit costs, your location, the system’s capabilities, and most importantly, choosing a good heating and air conditioning installation company.

Assuming you’ve already identified a good heating and air contractor and you’re now focused on trying to choose the right air conditioner, it is important to have some knowledge about the variety of AC units that are available. Read on below for more inspiration on what your options are when it comes to air conditioning installation.

1. Mini Split AC Systems

A split air conditioner is a type of home cooling system that is mostly suitable for heating one or more rooms in the home. It comprises of two main units, these being the outdoor and the indoor unit. The indoor unit basically comprises of parts such as the evaporator/cooling coil, as well as the cooling fan and various other parts. On the other hand, the outdoor unit comprises of components such as the condenser, compressor, and the expansion valve.

Split systems are mostly advantageous in that they are easy to operate, aesthetically appealing, cost effective to install and maintain, and that most of them come with both cooling and heating capabilities. Some models do not require an existing ductwork to install.

2. Packaged Air Conditioner Systems

For those who want to cool more than one or two rooms, a packaged air conditioning system can be a wonderful choice. In this systems setting, most of the components are packaged in a single box. Cooled air is channeled through a system of ducts that lead to the various rooms being cooled. There is also another setting in which the air compressor and condenser are housed together whereas the expansions valve and evaporator coil are housed in a different unit locate in the rooms being cooled. Basically, it is important to note that air conditioning installation for the packaged system may require new ductwork installation.

3. Central Air Conditioning Systems

For big buildings and houses with multiple rooms that need cooling, the central air conditioner is considered a great, cost effective option as opposed to the installation of individual units for each room as with a mini split system.

4. Window Air Conditioner

Last but not least we have the window AC unit, which as the name suggest is mostly installed at the window and is suitable for cooling individual rooms. It used to be one of the most commonly used by homeowners and office buildings. The unit can also be mounted on the wall and has all the components of an air conditioner in a single housing. This can be a great option when you’re looking for a quick-to-install and cheaper air conditioning installation.