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Facebook Integration – Lessons from the Web

With Facebook's stock down to nearly half of what it was at the IPO leaves numerous investors wondering the worth of the social network in the future.

Most are even doubting its survival in a purely business context. That means its nine million users cannot save it from its eventual downfall. You can also visit to find out about Facebook integration services.

The current scenario is sending out some mixed signals. Instagram is now completely integrated with Facebook, but as reviewers understand, this is a completely non-profitable move.

This is presumably because studies show that the Facebook app is highly popular among teenagers, who are in no position to either invest or pay for advertising schemes.

There are several other advantages that do not strike immediately. However, marketing professional with keen insight can derive a lot from what may seem trivial or unrelated matters with regard to the numerous corporate issues on the web.

For instance, recently, Go Daddy web site was pulled down by a claim from hackers and political activists, Anonymous. Go Daddy is presently using social media to interact with its customers.

These include Twitter and Facebook. This is the time when Facebook could make its move and form a partnership, even if temporary by simply diverting customers to Facebook directly.

Yammer is like another lesson plan for Facebook and other social media to lean toward for monetization. Often referred to as 'Facebook for business,' the website has done remarkably well in the four years since its inception.