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How To Encourage Kids To Do Homework?

The purpose of homework is to master skills that your child will use throughout his or her life. Explain to your child that learning these skills is essential for doing well as an adult. Besides reading, writing, and math children need to learn to follow rules, work hard, and get things done on time.

No matter what career path they choose these things will be important. If your children can not take interest in doing homework then the second option is you can pay someone to do my homework.

Praise your child when he or she is finished with homework.

Children feel a sense of pride when they have accomplished something just as adults do. When your child finishes his or her homework praise them.

Say things such as, "Doesn't it feel good to be done with that?" and "I bet you feel good about getting that done so quickly." This is called positive reinforcement and it has been proven over and over again to work.

Try calling it quiet time instead of homework time.

Okay, this may sound silly but it takes a little stress out of the whole process for children if instead of homework time you call it a quiet time or study time; whatever works best for you and your family.

Tell your child the purpose of having homework.

Remember not to make your child anxious about homework by talking about it as soon as he or she walks in the door. Let your child have a break for at least a few minutes. Only mention homework 5 or 10 minutes before it is time to get started on it and then when it is time. Eventually, this will not be necessary as your child gets used to the routine.

You also do not want to hang over your child's shoulder while he or she is doing homework. This may cause anxiety and frustration and will lead to an argument. Leave the room. If your child needs a little supervision look in on him or her without being noticed.