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How To Laminate Using A Heated Roll Laminating Machine

Laminating machines are one of the most common office equipment. In this process a paper is wrapped between two laminating layers to protect the it from physical damage.

There are various types of laminating machines and they very according to their operation and their size.

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Some use heated rollers to tie laminating films while others only press and force them to tie together. To get the lamination done by using heated rollers, you can also purchase the suitable machine by clicking at:

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How to laminate with a heated roll machine

  1. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer on how to load laminating films into the machine.
  2. After loading laminating films, pre-heat the rollers by turning on the engine using the power button. There are various preheating levels and each machine is equipped with instructions on how long this duration lasts.
  3. Prepare documents that you want to laminate, this ensures that the document fits in laminating films. Place documents between films.
  4. For lamination, place the paper into the laminate rack on the machine and make sure you push the paper well enough so that the rollers can hold it.
  5. Turn on the laminate or feed switch that the machine must show when pulling paper into it.
  6. The paper comes out on the other end and you have to wait patiently to get out completely and cut the laminating film to the desired size.