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How to Write a Quality Wine Tasting Notes?


Wine tasting notes is all about helping people to get a few tips before spending on a rubbish quality wine. Today, wine tasting notes are based on consumer rating system rather than being less or more biased. The first most important thing before writing notes for a wine, your taste buds need to be on the highest standard. Here are a few tips.

  • Aromas – The aroma from the wine can be categorized into 3 categories.
  1. Primary – The primary aroma is focused more on the type of grape and where it is grown. The main focus of primary aroma is based on herbal, flora and grape aromas.
  2. Secondary – The secondary aroma comes from the process of winemaking. It is similar to trying out freshly baked bread and beer.
  3. Tertiary – This aroma is based on the age of the wine that are stored in an oak or bottles. While listing down the aromas, you need to list from properly to give a better hierarchy understanding.
  • Body, Tannin and Acidity –
  1. Body – While tasting a wine, you need to focus on how it feels such as heavy, light or medium on the mouth which can be described as the Body.
  2. Tannin –Focusing more on the texture part can help you to define tannins. For example – Check whether your lips are sticking to your teeth or is your mouth feeling as if it is filled with tiny prickles.
  3. Acidity – While describing the acidity, a high-acidic wine will feel similar to a lemon. While the low acidic ones will feel like similar to a watermelon.

With these tips, you can start writing good quality wine tasting notes or you can also take a wine tours in Perth to get additional and beneficial information.