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Know About Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage earrings are the latest fashion accessory that is being worn by stylish people across the country. If you are considering wearing a Cartilage earring or just want to know what it is, read our complete guide to the latest fashion trends.

Cartilage earrings are usually sold alone because only one is worn. This can be in the left or right ear but is placed at the top of the ear known as cartilage. This part of the ear is thicker than the traditional area called the lobe.

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Piercing of this area is done with needles rather than stabbing weapons. When a stab gun was found it was only designed to pierce lobes that had more flesh and blood than cartilage.

Great care is given not to cause pain with cartilage piercing but must be treated properly because there is more possibility of infection.

Earrings are sold in various designs from dumbbells, buttons, hoops, and chains. It is important to know that when your cartilage is pierced, you need to know what size to use.

Buy earrings for cartilage from a good jewelry store. Make sure that they have never been used before. You can also search online to find various online stores that sell and ship within 48 hours.