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Make Your Own T shirt And Start Making Money

How to start a t-shirt business?

Your business selling t-shirts will require a minimum investment from you. It can also be considered as an additional source of income. Your tasks will include only marketing and image development on a T-shirt. If we talk about the format of building a business, then in the age of modern technology, it has changed significantly. T-shirts are an ideal item to sell online. At the moment, offline stores that rent retail space create online stores and groups on social networks.

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With the help of contextual advertising and search engine optimization, as well as through the application of SMM techniques, trade-in T-shirts reaches a new level of sales and allows owners of such stores to earn substantial amounts. A large number of orders come from other cities and for their delivery are used popular courier services, the price of delivery in which is very small.

The first step is to determine who your consumers are: what is their geography, social status, hobbies, worldview. Secondly, you have to decide where you will sell t-shirts: only in your country or worldwide.

It’s worth starting with developing a concept for the T-shirts themselves. This is where creativity is a key success factor. Your t-shirts should be unique and different from the mass of competitors, and people should like them. You will need a good graphic designer who will develop the look of the t-shirts themselves, or you can develop the design your own t-shirt here. You can pay him a fixed amount from each logo, or you can work by giving a certain percentage of the profit. You can make your own t-shirt online, using online editors. You can use many services: CafePress and Spreadshirt and many others.

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The most important thing is sales. By themselves, even good T-shirts made by a talented designer will not be sold. You will carry out sales through your website. Therefore, it should be convenient, beautiful and informative. To ensure a good influx of customers to your site, it must be promoted.

 First of all, for the competent promotion of the online T-shirt store, you should do search engine optimization so that on targeted requests the site takes one of the first places in search engines such as Google or Bing.

You can also buy contextual advertising. Particular attention should be paid to requests for which you will show ads. Narrow the circle of consumers as much as possible, you pay the search engine for each ad click through.

Organize your affiliate program! Pay webmasters a certain percentage of the sales of your t-shirts if the buyer came from their site.

making your own t shirt in action

Another win-win option is to open your blog. The blog can tell interesting stories about your company, the process of developing T-shirts, ideas, and even write a true legend for every new t-shirt.

Hold contests among bloggers whose goal is to link in their blog to your store. You can also involve visitors in the process itself: let them create t-shirts themselves, vote for them, choose the best. This store concept is now quite popular in Europe and America.