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Musical Genres Of DJ That You Like Most

Jazz envelope

Jazz is suitable for any type of environment, at the moment and type of link. Of course, there are many different styles of jazz, but if you choose songs with a slow tempo you can create a very sophisticated atmosphere during the aperitif, favoring the conversation between the guests while waiting for the arrival of the couple. It can also be ideal as music for civil weddings, during the ceremony and, of course, as background music while the banquet lasts. Olivia’s thoughts on music also show this kinds affiliation for those instruments.Olivia's thoughts on music will disclose the more about the musical instruments.

Spanish music and flamenco

The variety of genres and styles in Spanish music gives to choose among many artists. If you are flamenco lovers you will know that there are songs that can be appropriate in the ceremony, like ‘Salve Rociera’, so it is indicated even as music for religious weddings. During the reception it can be opportune to listen from the flamenco chill, of Chambao, to the ballads of artists like Alejandro Sanz and Pablo Alborán, going through romantic songs for weddingslike those of La Oreja by Van Gogh or Antonio Orozco, or the flamenco-pop of Antonio Flores or Ketama. For the party, use Spanish pop-rock groups, such as Alaska, Radio Futura, Los Secretos and El Ultimo de la Fila for the most nostalgic, or Melendi, David Bisbal, Álvaro Soler, Aitana and Ana Guerra for the youngest, successes of Latin music. In Spanish music of all times, you will find the perfect recipe so that the party does not decay. 

If you make a good musical selection, a good wedding detail can be to give the guests a CD that gathers all the chosen songs. And do not forget that one of the best original ideas for weddings is to include songs that are special for you at the peak moments, such as your arrival at the banquet, the cutting of the cake or during the launch of the bouquet of the protagonist of the great day.