Guidelines for newspaper editors and editors of news Web sites who wish to use an article from the History News Service:

The History News Service is an independent, nonprofit news service that distributes brief “op-ed” articles written by professional historians that place current issues into historical perspective.  The HNS is a free service.

HNS articles are distributed directly by e-mail to a list of interested publications, but articles may also be linked to or copied from the HNS Web site and reprinted. The HNS grants one-time publication rights to its articles. The author retains all rights to the article for further publication, presentation, or other use.  A newspaper’s or news outlet’s use of any portion of an HNS piece acknowledges the author’s ownership of the material. The History News Service requests compliance with a publication's standard writer attribution and honorarium policies. Attribution to History News Service is required.  Please contact the author directly in case of payment and about all editorial questions or changes.  Articles represent the views of the individual writer only.

Please acknowledge in the byline the author and the HNS in this way:

            By Thomas Jefferson
            History News Service

If you would like your publication to be added to the free e-mail subscription list, please send an e-mail message to the HNS editor, David Nord.

Brief biographical information and a small photograph are available for most of our authors on the Writers page. If you need a higher resolution photo, please contact the editor.