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Salvaging Cars In An Wrecking Yard

We mostly call it a junkyard because that is where all the junk goes to. And then we get to see cars get crushed and dismantled there if we are brave enough to get into the stench for too long. And we do not know if this is something other people do, but we have a thing for watching things get destroyed. We also have a thing for auto salvage.

This is when you go to a yard that is supposed to be for things left to be forgotten and then takes the things that you think might be useful there. And use them for your own. You might have to wash them thoroughly though because we are not exactly sure where these things came from but you get the point.

Some will look for car parts to fix their own broken cars at home and expect them to work. Most time they do not, surprise surprise. What did they expect? It came from a junkyard for the love of God.

But on the rare times though, they do work and that is only if you get lucky that someone rich enough would throw away a car or a car part that still freaking works. There are not many chances on that happening though. But still, if you get lucky, then you would not have to waste any money on trying to buy some of the parts you would need form someone else or from a shop.

At least with this, you are guaranteed to save a quick buck for yourself. You could even use that to buy a drink or something that is probably a little more important than alcohol. Just keep in mind that your alcoholic drink should be staying the hell away from you when you plan to drive your car.

Or the car that belongs to anyone for that matter. Because vehicles and alcohol should not be good together and we all already know where that is going to let us stop ourselves right here by saying you should not drink and drive. Alright? Good?

Because that honestly should not have been all that hard to understand and follow. If you ARE drinking, then you better be walking home or letting someone else drive you to the heap of junk because it saves a lot of lives when we refrain from stupidity.

Going back to that junkyard you just visited in hopes of getting something for yourself that you do not have to pay for, did you make sure that that thing did not have any diseases attached to it? it was in a JUNKYARD, after all. We really do not want to be caught with something we have no hopes of curing.

And it is kind of imperative that no one knows you have been in a dump looking for treasures because that is a little bit embarrassing to be found out about. Keep that a secret if you can and if you have to tell someone, at least tell the doctor when you have to explain to him how the heck you got this rare disease in these parts of America.