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Various Causes of Hip Pain

Long-term use of cortisone injections for treatment can cause hip pain. This is caused by avascular necrosis. This occurs when there is a loss of blood supply to the bone. The bones then start to deteriorate.

This condition can also be caused by a transplant or Perthes disease. If you want information about ‘hip replacement alternatives’ (which is also known as ‘بدائل استبدال مفصل الورك‘ in the Arabic language) then you can then you can explore various online sources.

This disease is a cause of hip pain in children which mainly attacks boys between the ages of 5-10 years. In most cases, avascular necrosis, however, produces hip replacement surgery.

Another reason for hip pain in children is from congenital dislocation of the hip. This can usually be repaired without the need for surgery. Other causes, in children or adults, are viral diseases.

Hip pain can also be caused by various malignancies, although this is less common. Hip pain can also be caused by Paget’s disease, which occurs in adults. Because of the various causes of hip pain, it is important to consider your personal history and consult with your doctor. Apart from the use of surgery, physical therapy, and medication, walking aids may also be appropriate and need to depend on the cause of your hip pain.