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Which Cholesterol Type Are You Suffering: Type A or Type B?

Virtually every blood test your doctor do involve lipid panel. Panels covering ratio of "bad" cholesterol versus "good". The ratio tells them if the bad cholesterol (LDL) is too high, the reason is that high LDL is associated with heart disease. The cause of high LDL is the saturated fat in the diet.

But not all MDs and researchers agree. In fact, many studies have shown that people who get higher amounts of saturated fat does not have a higher risk of heart disease!

However there are also other factors that normal Lipid Panel (Cholesterol test) did not show. It is the size and density of LDL particles. There are two main types of LDL. Both types of LDL called pattern A and pattern B.

LDL pattern A large, fluffy particles. Pattern B is small, dense LDL particles. How each affects the blood vessels and heart health is very different.

LDL pattern B is a dangerous one. It's small, solid particles can easily lodge between the cells lining the blood vessels. Once there they oxidize (become rancid). They also lead to inflammation. Over time, they created the artery-clogging plaques.

Instead, the pattern A LDL did not filed between cells. Some people speculate that this is an advantageous form of LDL as this. In fact, LDL in good form is essential for building muscle. It is also associated with lower triglycerides.

So it turns out that both sets of researchers are right. LDL associated with cardiovascular disease. But it is the pattern B LDL that is a problem. Pattern A LDL supports strong muscles and better health.