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Working For A Moving Company

Well, if it was for a job then, of course, we would just be working until we get tired of it. Jobs are just really essentially there to keep us motivated to get money. Even if we would really just rather not do anything but get money in the end. If only we could be a taste tester and just eat for a living. But we guess it will not be too bad to work at an Alexandria moving Company.

Do you think they pay you a lot for it though? Because we know all jobs are different from one another but are it relay a high paying job if all you do is deliver a bunch of stuff from one place to another?

Sure there might be some heavy lifting since you will be moving the belongings of someone else into a van and then to a different house. And speaking for that, why do you think people move from a different place and into a new one?

Why do they go through all these efforts to remove themselves from one environment they have been comfortable with for years? And why are they eager to leave when they had something good in that place? We like to think that this has something to do with the psyche.

You cannot deny that you would work a lot well if you and your environments were different. It is nice to have changed. The productivity would increase because of the change and because you have this thing in your head that has a childlike view. It would say stuff like Wow we are in a different place.

We should work harder for it since it is so nice. And it makes our mood better because the place is newer and nicer. At least that is it for us if we ever move our workplace. If we do not work in our office and would take our laptops to go to a cafe, then maybe we would be either more productive because of the change in environment or maybe it would not be enough because being in a different place would make us lazy and less productive.

Yeah, it is more likely a risk but it is not a big one. It really would be nice to change our layout once in a while. What would it be like to work and write articles if instead of blank white walls around us, ti would be a huge glass window overlooking a city?

Or a garden? Or the sky? Now that is something to think about. If only our boss would actually think about changing environments. But that is not for us to decide since this is his company and what he thinks is best for it should be done.

After all, maybe he just did not want to spend too much on an investment that maybe would not work out as well as he initially thought. No matter. If he decides that changes are necessary then we would not complain unless it is at the risk of our salary and comfort.